(re) Set Packages

Finding Balance in our Stressful World

Difficult finding balance when under chronic stress isn’t just a result of our daily life challenges, it’s also caused by the food we choose to put into our bodies, as well as our lifestyle choices. Similarly, our dietary and lifestyle habits also affect our ability to respond to the pressures of modern life. So stress is something we cannot ignore, as an individual or as an employer, if we want to feel well, work well and stay well.

(re) Set Packages

With stress, anxiety and depression being the most common reasons employees take time off, implementing strategies to promote and elevate health and mental wellbeing in the workplace has become paramount. Stress can compromise the immune system and disrupt optimal digestion, as well as affect sleep, which are all vital for preventing fatigue and poor health. Resilience to stress is intimately correlated to the individual’s dietary intake and lifestyle habits, which can help to improve concentration and focus, as well as energy levels.

Our (re) Set Packages are designed to give your employees some key information about how their body is responding to their current lifestyle and stress levels. The packages do this by using a biochemical test that measures stress hormone output by collecting a series of saliva samples throughout the day. This is followed by test analysis and nutrition guidance to varying degrees (depending on the package chosen) to help encourage the body back to a healthy balance again.

We offer our (re) Set Packages at different levels of support.

Initial (re) Set Package

Who is it for?

This is for employees who want some initial insights into their body’s resilience to stress – perhaps are feeling generally well but are wanting to be more proactive in understanding the impact of current stressors on their body and who want to put in place some basic dietary changes to ensure they are getting a good nutritional balance to prevent fatigue or future illness.

This package includes the adrenal stress panel test, which measures your stress hormones (cortisol and DHEA) with a report outlining your results and a basic analysis of these with generalised dietary steps that can be taken to help improve energy levels and support overall health.

There is no face to face consultation or phone support with this package to provide direct personalised advice, unlike the Personalised re (Set) package.

How does it work?

We will first send you the home test kit. When you have taken the saliva samples you can send it off to the lab. Once they’re sent, it will take approximately 4 weeks for us to email back your results and explanatory report.

Cost: £170

Personalised (re) Set Package

Who is it for?

This package is geared towards employees who feel they are under regular stress, which is perhaps beginning to negatively impact their physical and mental health. They may be experiencing frequent headaches, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, regular colds or infections, poor digestion and difficulty losing weight. Similarly to the basic package, the personalised package includes the adrenal stress panel test, which again measures stress hormone levels.

However,  a private 45 min consultation with an experienced Nutritional Therapist (usually by Skype) is also included. Prior to the consultation, employees will be required to fill in an in-depth questionnaire on their current diet, health and lifestyle, which will then be discussed along with their test results during the consultation. The Nutritional Therapist will then provide a personalised action plan on recommended dietary changes and nutritional supplementation.

How does it work?

We send the employee a Patient Information Form and a Home Test Kit to be completed. Once the results are back and the form is filled, the consultation will be undertaken.

NB: From the time that the kit is sent back to the lab, it will take 3 weeks for results to be available so we would usually schedule an appointment for about 1 month later, but we will do this in discussion with the employee in regards to timing that will work best.

Cost: £275

Stress – A Silent Killer

According to the UK Statistics Authority, more than 45 million working days have been lost in the UK due to stress, anxiety and depression in the past three years. Last year alone a record 17 million working days were lost, costing the economy at least £2.4 billion, according to the UK Statistics Authority. Stress is also a key modifiable risk factor for major health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer, NCBI

Research shows that nutrition and lifestyle can make a dramatic impact on your body’s ability to manage stress, according to  SAGE Journals. Factors such as our blood sugar regulation, brain cell response and connectivity, our ability to digest and assimilate nutrients and the health of our gut flora, are all dependent on the food that we eat and are also all key players in how we feel.

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