Frequently Asked Questions

I have a consultation for my autistic/ADHD child. Shall I bring him/her with me to the clinic?

It is very useful for the nutritional therapist to see the child in person at the first consultation, however the child does not need to remain at the clinic for the duration of the consultation. Indeed, in many cases, it may be more productive if most of the appointment is conducted with the nutritional therapist and parent(s)/ guardian(s) alone.

Which conditions can you help with?

The Brain Bio Centre is experienced in working with any person who has a mental health concern. This may include depression, anxiety, phobias, psychosis, bipolar disorder, learning/behavioural disorders and cognitive decline (Alzheimer’s, dementia). Since our approach is to assess and address underlying biochemistry, other disorders not listed here but that relate to brain function may be helped.

What are your success rates?

The degree of improvement varies widely from patient to patient and is affected by many factors including level of compliance, length of illness and other medical complications, so it is not possible to state a ‘success rate’. However, the majority of people experience significant benefit.

What if I’m on medication?

You should be sure to provide accurate details of your medication so that the psychiatrist and nutritional therapist will be able to factor this in when making nutritional supplement recommendations. Never adjust or discontinue medication without the full consent of your prescribing doctor.

Does the person with the illness need to attend the clinic in person?

All patients are required to attend the clinic in person during the initial appointment phase, which may include a consultation with the psychiatrist. Subsequent consultations may be undertaken with a parent/guardian/ designated representative or by telephone in special circumstances.

The doctor has told me that nothing can be done to help my illness except to take the medication, is this true?

Your doctor may not be aware of the optimum nutrition approach to mental illness, as it is not generally covered in medical training.

Where can I buy the nutritional supplements?

At the time the supplements are recommended we can give you details of retailers.

Can you guarantee a cure for my condition?

We cannot guarantee a cure for any condition. We can provide nutritional support to address nutritional deficiencies and biochemical imbalances that may be major factors in your condition thereby enabling the brain and body to achieve balance. Addressing underlying biochemistry can have spectacular results, however for many people, additional psychological support in the form of psychotherapy, counselling or other complementary therapies may be beneficial in order to achieve the best outcome.

Can recreational drugs (eg cannabis, cocaine) cause a mental illness/mental health symptoms?

In our experience recreational drugs do not usually ‘cause’ a mental illness. We generally find that those who experience a ‘drug-induced’ illness have one or more biochemical imbalances that predispose them towards mental illness and that drug use may have been the ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’. Clearly, continued recreational drug use would be unwise for that individual.

Should I stop my medication?

Do not adjust or discontinue any medication without the full consent of your prescribing doctor.

Does Patrick Holford see patients?

No. Patrick Holford is founder and director of the clinic and as such oversees the clinic and presides over regular practitioner forum meetings where individual cases may be discussed. All patients can be assured of benefiting from his experience and expertise.

When will I start to feel better? How long does the ‘getting better’ process take?

This varies widely from patient to patient and is affected by many factors including level of compliance, length of illness and other factors. As a guideline, most patients begin to feel better within a few weeks.

Will private healthcare cover my programme at the clinic?

We work with the private healthcare providers listed below, offering psychiatric services and biochemical testing. Please check your insurance beforehand to see if you are covered. You will be required to pay the clinic in full at the time of appointment, we will then supply you with an invoice to pass to your insurance company to redeem payment.

AXA PPP: Dr Redver’s provider no: AR03813

BUPA: – Dr Redvers

Simply Health: Your policy number/authorisation number from Simply Health

Cigna: Dr Redver’s provider no: 000M203205

Aviva: To be updated

What if I can’t afford to attend the clinic?

The best place to start is to read Patrick Holford’s book Optimum Nutrition for the Mind (Piatkus, £12.99). This book contains a great deal of practical advice and information from which you can begin to help yourself.

If you have a child you are considering bringing to the clinic you may wish to contact Caudwell Children, a charity that provides support services, treatment and therapies for disabled children and their families across the UK. If you are interested in further advice and information on grants and funding please contact Caudwell Children here or call them directly on 0345 300 1348.

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