Corporate Wellbeing Services

Stress related illnesses

In 2015/16 stress accounted for 37% of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health. With workplace pressure on the increase and an ever-growing tide of information hitting us hourly; stress, a less than ideal diet and poor sleep can have a hugely negative impact on the brain. The problem is, by the time any serious symptoms begin to appear it may be too late, or very difficult, to do anything about it.

At the Brain Bio Centre, we offer a variety of educational services such as talks and workshops, as well as in-house nutritional therapy through our packages, which offer tailored programmes to target stress and other health issues.

Wellbeing Services

We are used to being bombarded with information about how to look after our hearts and how often we should exercise, but how many of us take the opportunity to look after our brain? Find out how our corporate services can support your employees in boosting brain health, concentration and focus.

(Re) Set Packages

Our specialists have formulated these packages especially for employers that are interested in supporting the health and mental wellbeing of their employees. These curated packages include biochemical testing that measure stress hormone output to gain an insight into how the individual is managing stress, as well as test analysis and personalised nutrition guidance that aims to improve resiliency to stress, as well as support energy and focus.

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In conjunction with our charity, Food for the Brain, our mission is to generate awareness about the importance of nutrition for mental health. We wish to empower as many people as possible with the knowledge that diet and lifestyle can play a significant role in common conditions such as chronic stress/anxiety and depression. Our therapists have extensive experience delivering stimulating and engaging talks to a wide variety of audiences, which aim to give people practical tools they can use in their everyday lives.

Catering Accreditation

The Food for the Brain Accreditation is an accreditation available to catering and food service operators who want to develop a progressive nutritional strategy or want to highlight excellent nutritional standards already in place. Caterers can and are playing an important role in encouraging healthier food choices, which can immediately improve focus, energy and mood, as well as supporting longer-term mental and physical health.

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