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More about consultations

We are not interested in labels

Our consultants treat every client as a unique individual and consultations are aimed at providing personalised nutritional advice together with the tools to implement the recommendations. From your first appointment with us, throughout your journey, we will support you and guide you at every step.

How long will I be at the clinic?

The first time you come to the Brain Bio Centre, you should allow at least one and half hours. Aim to be with us at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time so that you can complete any documents and settle with a drink before meeting your consultant. After your appointment we will need time to explain where you can purchase supplements as we do not sell supplements. We can also give you instructions on how to prepare for test that you may have been recommended. As well as support material and information on how to access the online support.

If you are driving on the day, please allow enough time to find a parking space as they are limited within close proximity.

Will I be doing tests at the clinic?

Tests can require bloods, urine or stools samples. Depending on your recommended tests you may be doing some tests at home or we may ask you to go to an external laboratory.

We will make the arrangements when you are at the clinic for you to attend the laboratory at a time which is suitable for you. The laboratory is located in Central London and many people choose to do the recommended tests on the same day as your consultation. However, you may choose to attend the laboratory on another day.

If you are recommended to do tests at home, then the clinic team will guide you on the logistics of performing the tests at home. Completed home test kits can then be sent directly to the laboratory through next day delivery service.

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