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Going to see a Nutritional Therapist is not always the first and obvious place to seek advice and help for mental health concerns. It is quite often a last resort, after many years of suffering. However, for those who have found themselves at the Brain Bio Centre and followed the advice that they have been given, this is what they have to say…



For many years I was convinced that my brain chemicals were partly contributing to my depression and low energy. Doctors told me it was not possible to check brain levels and confirm or refute this theory. My visit to the Brain Bio Centre not only gave practical advice and solutions, but boosted my self-confidence to know my symptoms were not just due to my emotional weakness and gave me the tools to positively affect my health.

PM, Surrey


Learning and behaviour

I had been extremely worried about my son’s behavioural and learning problems. He was hyperactive and could not concentrate at school. I cannot believe the difference: truthfully it is like a miracle. He is a great deal calmer and finds it easier to sleep and also to pay attention in class. His handwriting is much improved and he has even gone up a whole year’s reading age in a matter of weeks!

JD, London


Asperger's Syndrome

My son Jonathan (7) has Asperger’s syndrome. In only two weeks since following your advice there has been a significant improvement in his eye contact. Add to that, he is now able to tie his shoe laces and is being far more co-operative in general!

I am really excited at the changes we have seen already and am looking forward to further improvements! Thank you for showing us the way forward!

AY, Dumbarton



I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 2003 and had many unpleasant side effects from the medication. Tests revealed I had low omega 3, zinc and magnesium and that the neurotransmitters histamine and noradrenalin were also low. Since taking part in the nutrition programme at the Brain Bio Centre, addressing biochemical imbalances and taking daily supplements, my health has improved immensely and I have been discharged by my psychiatrist. Great results from a very professionally run organisation. I have found everyone to be very helpful.

MR, London


Chronic anxiety

I am a managing director at a large investment bank and have worked in investment banking for a number of years. Ability to deal with long hours and sustained work pressure is part of the job. Whilst i generally have a good diet and exercise when I can I still struggled to manage ongoing anxiety and switch off mentally in important special times with my family. This despite being very used to the job I was performing.

I can honestly say that the results have been better than I could ever have wished for. It reminds me of how resilient and yet how finely balanced our bodies are. I now have the ability to see pressure situations for what they are and keep my work in context. It has massively benefited me at the work place and, more importantly, at home. I am performing at my peak and enjoying it.

Anoymous, London 2018


Panic attacks

I have suffered with Panic Attacks and anxiety for the past 10 years. In this time I have read everything on the subject and seen many specialists. It was only when I went to see a therapist from BBC that we finaly came to the realisation that my hormones had a massive role to play in this disorder. I have been taking supplements since this time and although not cured I am a lot better than I ever was. I have finally been given a lifeline. It has been a long and often lonely journey but I feel I now have the light at the end of the tunnel.

AF, Chorley

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