Psychotic disorders

About Psychotic Disorders

The conventional treatment for schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders is usually long-term antipsychotic medication. While this can be quite effective for the positive symptoms (such as voices, hallucinations and delusions), there is often little improvement in negative symptoms (such as concentration, motivation, enjoyment of life), meaning that the sufferer may have a poor quality of life. Nutritional therapy can offer complementary support to conventional medicine and has often helped to reduce symptoms considerably.

At the Brain Bio Centre we offer a nutritional approach, which works well alongside conventional treatment and may improve symptoms. There may also be reductions in the side effects of medication, which can be considerable in some cases. For example, the newer antipsychotics (known as atypical) can cause weight gain and increase the risk for diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Through nutritional therapy, improvements in symptoms can sometimes be so great that the patient’s doctor may take the decision to cut down or discontinue medication. Our own consultant psychiatrists are involved in your initial assessment to determine whether nutritional therapy is an appropriate complementary therapy for you and will communicate with your own GP or Psychiatrist, who remain responsible for your healthcare.

As well as the positive impact the nutritional changes may have on your mental health symptoms, you may also see an improvement in other factors such as better sleep, improved concentration levels and achieving a healthier weight.


“Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with psychosis. I was seeing visual images and was unhinged from reality. I was hospitalised and given valium, haloperidol, chlorpromazine and later Prozac. I felt like a zombie locked in a chemical prison. I was extremely fortunate to find Patrick Holford. I was amazed how well I felt in just two weeks. 13 years have gone by and I have had no relapse whatsoever and lead a completely normal life. I am very happily married and have a rewarding, successful career.”

MR, London

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