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Perhaps your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, autism or dyslexia, has other learning difficulties or you just feel that he or she is not reaching their full potential. This can often be due to a nutritional deficiency of vitamins, minerals or essential fats, a food intolerance or other biochemical imbalances.

At the Brain Bio Centre we will work with you and your child to create a personalised nutritional programme based upon your child’s health history, symptoms and test results.

We use simple biochemical testing to identify nutritional deficiencies and physiological imbalances that may be contributing to your child’s learning, developmental and behavioural issues. Once we have identified these imbalances we create a tailor-made dietary and supplement plan that will aim to restore balance and get your child back on track.

As well as the positive impact these recommendations may have on the specific learning, developmental and behavioural issues, you may also see an improvement in other factors such as better mood, sleep and digestion, and improved concentration levels.


“I had been extremely worried about my son’s behavioural and learning problems. He was hyperactive and could not concentrate at school. I cannot believe the difference: truthfully it is like a miracle. He is a great deal calmer and finds it easier to sleep and also to pay attention in class. His handwriting is much improved and he has even gone up a whole year’s reading age in a matter of weeks!”

JD, London

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