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The Brain Bio Centre

We believe that each person is biochemically unique and therefore requires varying nutrient and lifestyle approaches to maintain balance and optimal health. Nutrient deficiencies, biochemical imbalances and genetic factors can all play a significant role in our mental health. The production of our neurotransmitters and their activity are based on factors such as nutrients found in food, our ability to regulate our genes and protect ourselves against environmental toxins, as well as the synthesis of enzymes and more.

We have a variety of services to address your needs such as our bespoke long-term support programme, that includes tests, private consultations and educational resources, as well as, short-term care options. Going to see a Nutritional Therapist is not always the first and obvious place to seek advice and help for mental health concerns – it is quite often a last resort, after many years of suffering. However, we have fantastic results with those who have found themselves at the Brain Bio Centre and followed the advice that they have been given.


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Mental Health Conditions

Have a look at the mental health conditions that we commonly treat and support in our clinic, and find out more information on our approach for each specific condition.


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Our Clients' Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say about how the Brain Bio Centre helped them to improve their mental health and wellbeing.


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The Food For The Brain Foundation

The Brain Bio Centre is owned by Food for the Brain, an educational charity that generates awareness about the link between nutrition and mental health.


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